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is versatile, cost-effective and adds a new dimension of strength to asphalt

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Modified natural asphalt in use


  • Increased resistance to rutting
  • Excellent ductility (no worse cold behavior)
  • Excellent resistance to warmer temperatures
  • Effective viscosity increase
  • Easy to process (free-flowing powder)
The high degree of purity of original (!)
Gilsonite natural asphalt ensures easy processing.
Gilsonite is a 99% pure natural asphalt with a high proportion of asphaltenes. Also considered a natural bitumen, it is extremely compatible with conventional road construction bitumen.
The use of Gilsonite natural asphalt primarily improves the stability of the road construction.
Unusual for hardening additives, this material does not degrade the cold properties of bitumen as its exceptional chemical composition gives it polymer-like properties.
Gilsonite also offers many other advantages, including processing, deformation and heat stability.

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