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Bitumen additive for high performance roads

How to use GILSONITE

GILSONITE is a free flowing granular material which will not cake or block during storage. Because of the nature of this hydrocarbon, GILSONITE is completely soluble in bitumen, forming a very intimate molecule that will NOT separate.

GILSONITE – bitumen pre-blend

A pre-blend of GILSONITE and bitumen in the proper percentage (5-13 %) can be produced in the bitumen tank with temperatures maintained around 175°C. During the GILSONITE solution, agitation and recirculation under heat should be maintained for 12 – 24 hours.

GILSONITE used in pug mill

Addition of GILSONITE to a pug mill can be accomplished by the introduction of pre-weighted plastic bags, or in bulk by using an automatic dosage system. The GILSONITE should be added onto the hot aggregate before the bitumen is added. The wet mix circle must be extended by 15 sec. to ensure proper blending.

GILSONITE in drum plants

GILSONITE may be added to a drum plant, either by the master batch method or with a dry mineral feeder at the correct rate of flow along with the bitumen.

Paving conditions should remain identical to non-modified bitumen, except that mix temperatures should be maintained at a minimum of 160°C to compensate for the addition of the GILSONITE. Lay down and compaction should be normal providing this slightly higher temperature is maintained.

GILSONITE is available in

1.000 kg Big Bags
500 kg Big Bags
25 kg PE-Bags
5 kg PE-Bags
2 kg PE-Bags

The high degree of purity of ORIGINAL GILSONITE natural asphalt ensures easy processing

With Gilsonite, the cold behavior of road construction bitumen is not impaired!

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